Saturday, 31 October 2015


Compound exercises are the secret sauce to having a quick and effective workout. Simply put, these supercharged moves are two isolated exercises that join forces to become one amazing exercise that engage multiple muscle groups at once. In my fast and effective routine below, you’ll find five of my favorite compound moves that will activate and tone your core while sculpting lean muscles from head-to-toe. I’ve also incorporated a few “burnout” exercises that will exhaust your muscles and help shed fat. Consider my 60/30 routine your fast and furious #UpNOut challenge—all you need is eight minutes and a set of dumbbells.

The 60/30 workout: Perform each compound dumbbell exercise for 60 seconds completing as many reps as you can. Then, ditch the weights and immediately do 30 seconds of the “burnout” exercise.

What’ You’ll Need: One set of medium dumbbells (start with 8-10 lbs.)

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