Tuesday, 8 September 2015


For some people, exercise is not an option. Some individuals, for medical reasons, can’t take the stress or the demand required from weights, jogging, or bodyweight exercises. But there are always alternative options to help you lose weight, maintain a healthy body composition, and feel better about yourself and body.

1. Clean Eating

Clean eating is all about focusing on healthier food options. Choosing foods that are less processed, ideally organic, and variety-based, provides your body the concentration of nutrients and vitamins it needs. Here are some tips for clean eating.

  • The more diverse your plate with color and food types the healthier it will be. Different color foods have different vitamins. The various vitamins are all beneficial for our body and work to keep your body healthy.
  • Use the nutrition label – Using the nutritional label is one of the best ways to being sure that you’re choosing a clean eating food. Generally the less ingredients on the label, the better. The more you see multiple syllable words, the further you should stay away from that item.
  • Organic and non-GMO foods have very few chemicals and little processing done to them which make them more healthy.
  • Stay away from artificial anything. Artificial flavors, white sugar, and white rice are all counterproductive for losing weight. The chemicals used to flavor and process them put a hindrance on our bodies’ ability to absorb healthy nutrients.

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