Thursday, 17 September 2015


In this article I will discuss some easy and effective home remedies for toothache that may help you from toothache by opening your kitchen cabinet. Toothaches are very common occurrence in people and can occur without any warning. If you have an extreme painful toothache, it can make your nights sleepless.

The cause of toothache may vary but is said to occur due to unhygienic oral health. Always keep your teeth and mouth clean and never let food particles to stay long in between your teeth or cavities. Brush at least two times (in morning and at night after taking meal) to prevent tooth decay and toothache.

Some effective home remedies for toothache are:

There are several home treatments that are very helpful to get you relief from toothache. Few of them are discussed as below –

Tea Tree Oil: Use cotton tip to apply tea tree oil to effective teeth area. It is not good in taste, but help in easing the toothache pain. Tea tree oil is safe and effective home remedy for toothache.

Cloves: Cloves is another natural, safe and easy remedy for toothache. Cloves are known to help ease throbbing pain. Use of cloves in toothache decreases the infection due to its antibacterial components. You can apply it to a decayed tooth’s cavity. It can also help in reducing pain. The clove oil contains antiseptic properties. Clove oil mixed with ground black pepper and a little salt is extremely effective against a toothache.

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  1. Thanks a ton dear for sharing these home remedies for toothache. Last year I also had toothache because of cavity so it didn’t get treated with any remedy. Then I got proper treatment from my Torrance dentist.