Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Being on a diet doesn’t have to mean being hungry all the time. The key? Tasty eats (like popcorn) that are shown to stave off hunger. Certain foods have just the right combination of nutrients, volume, flavor and even texture to help control your appetite. Read on for six kitchen staples that work overtime to keep you full.

1. Popcorn

If you need to snack, pick popcorn. It’s loaded with fiber, which leaves you feeling satisfied for hours by slowing digestion. And that’s not all. When researchers in a Nutrition Journal study fed people either popcorn or potato chips, they found that 15 calories’ worth of low-fat popcorn was as satisfying as 150 calories’ worth of chips, thanks to the superior snack’s combo of being low in calories and high in volume. Popcorn also has more crunch and texture, so it takes longer to eat. That gives your brain the time it needs to register that you’ve had enough food.


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