Wednesday, 26 August 2015


If you’re plagued with dandruff, don’t toss out those dark coloured clothes at this time. Forget resorting to expensive over-the-counter treating scalp. Dandruff is a type of skin condition that nearly all people experience at some point of time in their lives, no matter age or ethnicity. It affects not only the scalp, but any hair-bearing area or perhaps an area with even really small hair follicles.

Some dietary changes also may help you get rid of dandruff. No special diet are available for dandruff prevention but you are only able to benefit from eating a healthy and nutritionally balance diet. You should also learn stress management techniques because stress can both trigger and worsen dandruff. Here’s how to deal with the dreaded D with a few simple natural remedies.

1. Olive Oil
2. Lemon juice and Coconut oil
3. Vinegar To Eliminate Dandruff

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