Saturday, 28 March 2015


It has been known that eating food with high in fats and sugar content increases the risk of developing diabetes. This is a struggle and keeping your hands off from sweets can be very challenging indeed. Since anyone can be a victim of diabetes, even pharmacies now are joining the drive to prevent this condition from happening.

When talking about prevention, many people would agree that avoiding high fat and sugar content food narrows the gap of having diabetes. It takes time to get used to eating healthier food. It may be hard on your part, but it is all worth it in the end.

Eat non-starchy food. Learn to love the benefits of fruits, vegetables and beans. Fruits are best alternative to desserts because there are sweet. Opt for tropical fruits such as mangoes and bananas because they are low in glucose.

Eat whole grains. Avoid processed food and indulge yourself to a healthier category of grains. If you are a pasta lover, buy whole grain pasta. There are now many supermarkets which are selling brown rice, whole bread and natural granola.

Choose natural sweeteners. When a staff from a pharmacy Brisbane tells you to avoid sweets it does not entirely mean that you will never taste sweet food ever again. You can substitute white sugar for natural sweeteners like honey, agave and maple syrup.

Go for unsweetened drinks. Soft drinks and juices have very high sugar content. You might want to take easy on drinking these sweet beverages. If you really want flavored drinks, infuse sparking water with lemon or any fruits.

Eat a high-protein meal. Instead of heaping your plate with food with loads of carbohydrates, learn to choose foods that are rich in protein such as meat, chicken and fish. Beans are also rich in protein.

Say no to junk foods. These are processed food with heaps of fats and sweets. Yes, it may be hard to stay away from these but you can actually substitute these for a healthier version. You can now buy organic potato chips. Explore healthier options for your unhealthy junks.

Even if you follow all these tips and much more, it is still advisable to always go and see your doctor for regular blood-sugar testing. You can also avail this service through a local pharmacy Brisbane. Ask the nearest pharmacy in your town or city about this.


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