Thursday, 1 January 2015


There are indeed a number of benefits an individual can get when he's into raw food diet. You might be one of the few people who think this diet is pretty extreme. However, medical research and studies have shown that there are so many ways this diet can improve one's health.

A raw food diet is made up of unlimited qualities of seeds, nuts, veggies, fruits and other concoctions - as long they're prepared without cooking or heating. So from brighter eyes to improved digestion, here are the benefits a raw food diet can give.

1. Fewer Auto-Immune Disease Symptoms

The medical community is still looking for evidences that there are indeed effects of raw food diet on auto-immune diseases. However, a lot of patients with disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Disease, Colitis have noticed that their symptoms are gradually disappearing. So even if you're suffering from as simple as seasonal allergies, this diet can really help you!

2. Improved Digestion

Another advantage of this diet is improved digestion. Those people who have tried this technique noticed that they can digest food better. In fact, raw vegetables and fruits are easier on your stomach and. More so, this can alleviate issues like Crohn’s Disease, IBD/IBS and even Diverticulitis.

3. Better Vitamin and Mineral Absorption

Since you're consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables, you're already getting more vitamins and minerals compared to following the SAD (standard American diet). With that, your body is able to get an ample amount of micronutrients - making it healthier and stronger!

4. More Antioxidants

How to leave a healthy life would mean that you also need to get plenty of antioxidants. How do get this? Still, by eating raw foods like nuts, fruits and veggies. It's even proven that these antioxidants are able to lower blood pressure, fight heart diseases, prevent cancer and diabetes. By switching to a raw diet, you will get enough antioxidants daily!

5. Clearer Skin and Nails

If you would increase your intake in these kind of foods, then you'll see its positive effect on your nails, hair and skin. In fact, those who choose this kind of lifestyle will notice that they now have healthier glow and brighter eyes.

6. Lower Blood Pressure And Better Heart Health

Compared to other meal plans, raw food diet contains lower fat. In addition to that, this kind of meal is not using any processed oils. So if you're suffering from a high blood pressure or other cardiovascular disease, then this diet is perfect for you!

7. Excess Weight Loss

Another reason why people enter this kind of lifestyle is because of the weight they're losing. Mind you, consuming foods that are raw isn't designed to make you shed off weight. However, if you need to shed a few pounds, then this diet will help you lose them in just a couple of months.

Nowadays, eating raw is not anymore scary! As a matter of fact, this diet is now becoming more popular in the health and wellness world.


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