Sunday, 7 December 2014


If a child has been diagnosed with asthma and if the parents do not want him to rely merely on traditional asthma treatments, they could incorporate vitamins and herbs into his daily diet. Discuss with him what triggers his asthma and user some natural remedies for asthma.

Many individuals are turning to the traditional medications in search of natural remedies for asthma in children in order to cure their disorder. The medicines cure the disease but they do not treat the causes. The person starts feeling better as soon as he takes the medication but later on, he comes up with some of its side effects.

Fortunately, there are few natural remedies for asthma that work wonders. Here are some of the most common and vowed natural treatments for asthma:

• The Bowen Technique – it is a mild and soft touch treatment that is very famous in Canada, Australia, and UK. This natural remedy for asthma in children balances the nervous system and cures the causes of asthma as oppose its symptoms. Many studies have reported that its use reduces the asthma attacks and the usage of an inhaler by 80% and even in some cases; it has abolished the need of medication.

• Acupressure – it is a traditional remedy to treat an ailment in a natural way. Asthma is a result of a blockage in the lungs or spleen meridian and it can be cured by unblocking the path. Acupressure helps in unblocking the energy path.

• Chinese Licorice Root – it is a very powerful herb used to treat asthma. It is normally consumed in the form of a drink and should be inhaled 3-4 times in a week. It is necessary to consult a physician before consuming any herb.

• The Alexander Technique – It is a way through which one can change or improve his way of breathing and hence have a profound outcome over the asthma patients. However, it does not provide instant effect but after enough practice, it can reduce asthma symptoms.

• Homeopaths – These are proven and tried natural remedies for asthma in children caused by allergies. As per a research conducted by the University of Glasgow, the patients taking homeopathic treatment experience less symptoms of asthma within a week of treatment.

Anyone can use the above natural remedies for asthma for treating their ailments. It is always better to consult an expert physician for the right treatment in children. by Michael Bennet


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