Friday, 19 December 2014


Skin care has become an essential necessity for every person. In the current day to day scenario, with air and water pollution rising on a daily basis, it has become vital to take extra care of the skin in order to feel rejuvenated. There have been many reports that have suggested that have a glowing skin can boost your confidence which surely has a positive effect on your future prospects. However, when looking for a safe and effective way to have a fair skin, one should not overlook dermatologist-recommended precautions. These precautions can reduce flare-ups, decrease the need for medication, and improve response to treatment.

It is a known fact that a glowing skin can be achieved by having a proper diet and a healthy routine. But the same holds true the outer core of the vellum. Using moisturizers as well as sunscreens can help prevent vellum damage over a longer period of time. Two identical people standing under the sun can have different vellum tissue if one uses skin care products and other doesn't.

Despite these proven studies most of the people are aloof regarding the benefits of these products which is why patients seldom follow the peel care guidelines given to them. In order to remove the confusion from the mind of the people, one ought to follow a set of guidelines that would help over a period of time:

There is a big myth that is going on around that excessive bathing can lead to a dry and dead peel. This is a misconception which is why often dermatologists advise to use bath and beauty products in accordance to your skin type. The fact is that daily baths helps hydrate the body, that can reduce flare-ups and relieve discomfort on the peel. Moreover the proper use of moisturizers can also help in rejuvenating the overall skin.

Another myth that has been prevalent among the masses is the use of cosmetics on the skin. Many groups have suggested that use of these synthetic products can pose drastic harm to the body. But in the current times, most of the brands have moved beyond these synthetic products and adopted organic form, which do not pose any harm.

A person must keep following points in mind while applying any cosmetic or beauty product:

Always wash your skin before applying any product.

Gently pat the skin dry, but do not rub it profusely that can cause rashes.

Apply some moisturizer so as to hydrate the skin and ensure that the top most layer is soft.

For best results, apply the beauty product over the moisturizer so that it is easy to remove the makeup.

Also ensure that while applying any product, it must be done in a similar way like putting icing on the cake.

It has been said a million times that skin care is also an art. If done properly with caution, it can yield extensive results. Having a healthy and glowing skin is not a difficult job, but it must be kept in mind that skin care is all about keeping both outer and inner bodies healthy.


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