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Excessive drinking makes all of the blood capillaries, which spread the whole human body, in the congestion state and causes the body has mild edema, especially for the prostate, the muscle fiber connective tissues, which spread all over the prostate, will have the inner gland edema problem, at this time, the prostate will be very easy to be infected and have the prostate enlargement disease.

Eat some excitant food

As we know, there are some different kinds of the excitant food, such as the chili, cold food, etc., especially for the chili, people need to have moderation eating in their daily life, for example, after the people has eaten enough chili, the digestive tract would be stimulated, the urinary tract would be in the congestion state, the worse result is that the people would have the constipation problem, but all of those three situations all have a badly harm to the partial metabolism of the prostate, this problem will induce the occurrence of prostatitis.

Siting for a long time

This life habit is associated with the people's jobs, such as the driver and the office workers, they need to sit for the whole day, and this habit has two different harms to the prostate. during the siting time, The first harm is the pressure of the prostate would be increased; the second harm is that when siting on the seat, the prostate body will in the horizontal position, the prostate urethra and prostate gland will at the same position at the same time, so if there are some germ among the urine, it would be flowing into the prostate gland and causing the prostatitis.

Habitual constipation

From the human anatomy map, we can learn that the posterior lobe body of the prostate is near to the rectum, so if the people has the habitual constipation problem, the defecate, which in the rectum, would push the prostate from the front direction and cause the prostate has the partial blood circulation obstacle problem, after a long time, people will have the prostatitis.

Drink little water

Learning of the formation reason of the prostatitis, the main reason is that the concentrate of the urine is too high, it means that there are some harmful and poisonous substances among the urine, so when the urine back flowing to the urethra, it would be flowing into the front prostate canal and causing the prostatitis, so to prevent the prostatitis, people need to keep a habit to drink more water in their daily life.


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