Friday, 5 December 2014


As with so many things in life, people don’t have time for proper nutrition. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone to a happy and longer life. Fast food and other snacks make it virtually impossible to achieve your goals when thinking of a healthy balanced diet. For women a healthy diet actually brings better reproduction and better fetal/infant health. It’s not only you that depends upon your dieting, when you have children, your nutrition can make the difference between easy reproduction and healthy babies and fewer complications with the baby.

Here are six sensible tips for better nutritional health.

1. Begin With A Healthy Dieting Base

One of the most important parts of a healthy diet is a healthy base. Your food selections should be based on the nutritional pyramid. Select the suggested amount of different servings from the pyramid. Within your daily diet, include a variety of grains, fruits and vegetables. When deciding from these categories and fulfilling your hunger, the healthy way you will feel the effects in no time.

2. Cut Down Saturated Fat

In addition to building a healthy base, it is also important to pick out a diet that is moderate in fat. Only 30% of the calories in your daily diet should come from fats. When picking out food, also be sure to choose a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Cholesterol is the number one killer in women and men related to heart problems. Cholesterol is not only a problem for men as a lot of women believe; it affects women in the same way as it does men.

3. Cut Out The Sugar

Make your nutrition healthier by cutting out the sugar. Select foods that are low or moderate in sugar intake. Sugar is responsible for producing insulin and if you start off high sugar in the morning, your body will want to keep that insulin level up and will call for sugar all day long. This will trap you into a cycle of consuming too much sugar. So first of all you are taking in too many calories and the production of sugar will tell your cells to stash away the sugar in the form of fat. As long as the insulin level is high, cells will not be programmed to lose fat and therefore loosing weight can better be managed by cutting back the sugar intake.

4. Reduce Sodium Intake

Improve your nourishment by reducing the sodium intake. Sodium in too big amount is not healthy for your body and many fast foods or boxed food contains way too much salt than you need for one or even two dinners. Salt and sodium are necessary for the body but in moderation. Salt is essential for a constant blood pressure, but too much or too little can screw up your blood pressure.

5. Take Alcohol In Moderation

Alcohol is another big problem in dieting. Alcohol in moderation, particularly red wine can be beneficial, but hard liquor and large amounts of alcohol are damaging to the human body.

6. Don’t Forget To Exercise

Even with all these nutritional tips and suggestions, do not forget to exercise . Physical exercise belongs to a healthy lifestyle just as much as a balanced diet. And only a fit healthy body and exercise can help you lose weight, if you really want to lose weight that is.

Most individuals do know that they should have a healthy balanced diet to for 1) have a healthy body and 2) to set a good example for their children. Individuals that have a very healthy and well balanced diet as a whole are not overweight and can keep their weight under control very easily. by Riki Chon


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