Saturday, 22 November 2014


Most people think of oil as an ingredient in cooking or something used for burns and other skin issues. However, the truth is natural oils can be used for so much more because of their properties and dynamic abilities when it comes to overall body care. Natural oils have been around since the dawn of man and used in various capacities from generation to generation but in recent times, as women have become more health and green living conscious, oil is beginning to get a lot more of the spotlight in the world of natural hair care.

There are a lot of reasons why natural oils are good for your hair but the most compelling are listed below: -

  • Natural oils are beneficial to every hair type – oily, dry, greasy, curly, kinky, straight, etc.
  • They provide moisturizing and restorative properties to hair.
  • They make hair soft, pliable, manageable and easy to detangle.
  • They promote hair strength and growth.
  • They protect the hair and scalp from the elements.
  • They alleviate scalp conditions such as psoriasis, dandruff & dermatitis among others.
  • They have no additives, chemicals or other laboratory derived components.
  • For every hair problem, there is at least one natural oil that can be applied to alleviate the issue including alopecia; a problem, which plagues a good deal of women.
  • The chance of an allergic reaction to a natural oil is very slim.
As you can see, the benefits of oils on the hair abound. However, before running out to buy the first bottle of oil you come across, every oil is not for every hair type or problem. Whichever oils you end up with is dependent on what particular hair issue you are trying to address.

Another good thing about natural oils is you can mix and match to find the combo that’s just right for your hair and any issues. And no matter what you do; you can’t really have a hair catastrophe or a bad hair day. If you use an oil mix that turns out to be a bad idea, a good clarifying shampoo will get it out for you and you can go back to the drawing table to work on a new formula. Yes, having long, beautiful, healthy hair does involve a bit of strategizing. Think of it as strategic fun!

With continued use of natural oils over time, expect to see an overall improvement in the health, look, feel and growth of your hair. by Abi Oguns


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