Saturday, 29 November 2014


If you were born with straight hair then you likely wish your hair style included curls and you work hard to make curls happen in your hair. You use rollers, curling irons, you sleep on prickly curlers, and you put chemicals in your hair to make the curls last. If you were born with naturally curly hair then you likely want your hair style to include board straight hair and you will do whatever it takes to achieve that look.

Hair straightening can be achieved through many different techniques. Some of these require a trip to the salon, and some hair straightening techniques are performed at home. You should proceed with caution when trying some hair straightening techniques because they can be damaging to your hair.

You can take the solution that comes in a permanent wave and use it to straighten the curl out of hair or lock. Women buy home perms and they apply the solution, sans the curlers, and they comb this solution through their lock in order to pull the curl from the hair. This method can burn the hair and cause a lot of damage if the solution is left on too long, or this is done wrong.

Ironing your hair has been popular for a long time. Before someone invented the flat iron that women are using every day to iron the curl from their locks, women actually used an iron like the ones used to get the wrinkles out of cloth and they ironed the curls from the hair. This required that you have a friend to help you iron out the curl, and that you set the iron on the right setting so you did not fry your hair.

Flat irons are the most popular way to get the curls to leave your hair. These items are not very expensive, and almost everyone can master using them without damaging their lock. The problem is that you have to use them each day when you fix your hair and that is time consuming. If you want a more permanent way to keep your hair from curling then you want to see a professional lock care consultant.

There are chemical treatments that can be applied to naturally curly hair in order to pull the curl out. You need a professional hair care consultant to perform these applications for you. Some of the chemicals that are used can damage the hair so the professional will be needed to use them correctly.

If you want your hairstyle to include straight hair that remains straight for several weeks you need a hair care specialist, and you need special treatment for the lock after the straightening technique is complete. If you pay a large sum of money to get something like a Brazilian Blow Out done to your hair then you need to buy the right things to care for the hair afterwards. You do not want to ruin a one hundred dollar look with a one dollar shampoo. by Afshin Nejad


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