Thursday, 9 October 2014


Sometimes surrogacy is the only option left for infertile couples to have their own baby. While the procedure is accepted worldwide because of the hope and opportunities it provides to intended couples, there are several misconceptions couples have about the Surrogacy.

Surrogacy in simple terms is a kind of agreement where a female (surrogate) is agreed to rent her womb for another woman who is unable to carry pregnancy up to its full term. If you are looking for the same procedure, read below some misconceptions about it before enrolling for the program.

All fertility couples are equal

Not true. Couples are different in marital status, sexual orientation and third party needs. However they all have basic need or desire to have their own baby. Otherwise, everyone has different story and different path to walk.

All fertility specialists and doctors are equal

Not true. Make specific research about the doctors and the clinic. You can consult with SART (Society for Assisted Reproduction Technology) statistics and can ask your queries related to the procedure. You can also connect with other patients going through the same in forums. Select your doctor after research well and once you selected your doctor, ask every question that comes in your mind about the testing, protocols and embryo grading etc.

All fertility agencies are equal

Never assume that. Most of the agencies in this industry have no regulations and period. At least one has assurance with doctors and lawyers that they are licensed, but not with the agencies. The important thing by which you can select best agency for you is to investigate them and ask questions whatever you want to know. However don’t believe on whatever agency says, it is always wise to consult others including fertility specialists, lawyers and psychologists.

All egg donors and surrogates are equal

No they are completely different. They may vary in their family support, religious beliefs, moral values, their insurance coverage, medical and psychological histories. Here it is essential that each one is screened before selecting as a part of the surrogacy journey.

Surrogate enroll for the program only for the compensation

Although it’s a fact that surrogate get compensation for their efforts and time they spend during the procedure, but the intentions of each and every one is not same. There could be wide variety of reasons for which surrogate choose to become a gestational carrier and even if one of the reason is finance, it does not mean, they are not proud to help someone in building their family.

The surrogate will be baby’s genetic mother

If you enroll for traditional surrogacy, it’s true that surrogate will be genetically related to the baby, but in gestational one, surrogate will be act only as carrier and the whole procedure is carried out via In Vitro Fertilization.

Surrogates will get emotionally attached with the baby

Although it’s fact that surrogate mother get emotionally attached with the baby during the procedure, but she can also form a trusting relationship with the intended parents. In addition, make sure that surrogate must be counseled and knows procedure insights and most importantly a legal agreement must be signed between surrogate and intended parents to avoid later issues. by Matthew B. Augen


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