Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Many people tend to believe that they can only lose weight with demanding routines in gym and they get discouraged as after two months, they see no progress, and stop going to gym. In fact, what you need to learn is that to lose kilos is related to many aspects of your lives, starting with a healthy diet, followed by positivism and a change in attitude about challenges in future by visualizing being thin and healthy, even with doing simple exercises at home. Discipline is the only key since you don't have to leave home, and you can do it at noon, in evening, or even at night.

There are many ways to lose excess weight, and here is the help through tips. Here we mention some exercises that contribute to healthy lifestyle, keeping bodies in shape and everything in done at home. So go ahead and prepare a mat, the best attitude, wear some clothes suitable for sports and enjoy exercises.

Squats to Strengthen Buttocks
This is one of the simplest exercises because it only requires you to have a mirror in front of you. The squats are treated basically that you separate your feet until they are on par with your shoulders and then begin, having stared straight ahead, down to squat. You can try starting with 10, and repeat 3 sets of them. With the passing of the days, when you feel you can increase, beam 20 in the same sets of 3. You will see how the passage of time, you take firm buttocks and legs also gain strengthened. If you want a little more demanding exercise, you can take light weights up to two pounds, one in each hand.


Push-up is a perfect exercise for your pecs to get them in very good condition. It is exercise where 70% of your weight you have to put on your arms, so it is real challenge of strength and endurance. It is perhaps the most widely practiced exercise at home, because it only requires us to spread on the floor of your home and start with pushups, you can do 3 sets of 20.


You must have heard many people mentioning the fact that going up and down the stairs is a great exercise, and they are surely not wrong because it is really an effective way to burn calories. In this exercise, some call it 'step-by-step' because it includes both exercise on stairs as if you choose to get a treadmill at home, where you can adjust the speed and go taking your heart rate, so you can learn more of your strength and know how to gradually increase the pace gradually. When you go up and down the stairs in your house, although in principle it seems that you are not making more effort, the fact is that it is even an exercise to keep fit both the legs and buttocks.


Undoubtedly, jump is a very complete exercise if you make at least 30 jumps in 4 sets. You can choose to do without shoes, in one of the bedrooms of your home where you have enough space, or if you want, you can also take a rope and start to put a little more fun to the routine. So, like boxers, relax and become expert with jumping rope.

You see how simple exercises at home can reduce your overweight. Therefore, from tomorrow, start a routine and you will see how you will feel alive, healthy and energetic. by Kyle Leon Scam


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