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Our body is composed of trillions of cells. Each cell is a complete entity. It has its own purpose and uniqueness. It performs it functions, live life, replicate itself, and dies at some stage.

Each cell is intelligent enough to understand it purpose and function. We can raise our arms, we can walk, we can talk but we cannot control blood circulation and heart beats. We cannot stop the growth of bones and many other necessary growth procedures.

It is all natural and we cannot disturb the natural healthy rhythm of our body. It is a natural system. Same is true for weight loss. It is a natural procedure.

Our body can heal any wound or diseases. And it can also burn fat and calories. Natural weight loss supplements or pills can only assist you in losing weight. Weight loss happens with proper diet plans and exercise workouts. What are natural weight loss supplements?

Natural weight loss supplements assist your body to get its own natural rhythm. Any weight loss supplement serves two purposes:
  • Appetite suppressor/fat burner
  • Stimulation
Many supplements are available in market but the most famous are
  • Green tea
  • Caffeine made products
  • Fish oil
  • Other supplements such as calcium, ginger and high fiber foods
Caffeine made products

All caffeine made products provide stimulation. They motivate you to do exercise. In this way, these products can help you burn fat and calories.

Caffeine made products are great. However, some people are allergic to caffeine. If you are allergic, take little amount of caffeine or try some other supplements.

Green tea

It is a caffeine made product. That is why green tea provides such refreshment and stimulation. It also suppresses your appetite and motivates you to do exercise. Green tea before breakfast has great effects. But do not take more than 4 cups in a day. Two cups in a day can do a good job.

Fish oil

Fish oil is another one. It is used to improve metabolic rate and overall body performance. It is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. It is also used to burn fat. Use this supplement. It has many health advantages.

other supplements

There are many others to suppress your appetite and burn fat like:


It improves metabolism. It is a natural fat burner and offers many benefits.

High fiber foods

High fiber foods make you feel full. Calorie intake is really less as compared to fried foods. Seeds like peanut and almond are also a good choice.

Proper diet plans

What can be a better supplement other than proper diet plans. A balanced diet with 8 glasses of water and one hour for exercise can really make long-term changes. A healthy lifestyle is the key to a long and healthy life and it is the only path to natural weight loss. by 


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