Sunday, 17 August 2014


The shocking reality of hemorrhoid/hemorrhoid treatment is that most hemorrhoid sufferers would rather not expose their bum for medical examination in the office of a doctor if they could find effective means of treating themselves in the privacy of their homes.

The truth is that there are effective means of treating hemorrhoids at home, you just have to discover which will work best for you. These are some of the best home treatments for hemorrhoids:

- Improve your diet: Constipation and hemorrhoids always go hand in hand. Constipation is characterized by excessive straining during defecation to pass out hard feces. To reduce constipation you must increase the intake of fluids and water, you are recommended to take in at least 8 glasses of water daily. You must also consume more fiber rich foods like fruits and vegetables. Let high fiber cereals form bulk of your normal breakfast and add more beans and pulses to your usual diet. These measures will make your stools softer and bulkier. 

- Improve your personal hygiene: Improved hygiene of the anal region will help to reduce the inflammation and irritation of the hemorrhoid swellings. After soiling you should clean your anus with warm water and then dry the area with a towel or soft baby wipes which are mild and slightly moist, you can also make use of toilet paper that has been dampened with slight water. Cleaning should be by patting the area instead of rubbing, direct rubbing will only irritate the swelling further.

- When internal hemorrhoids prolapse causing pain and itching, you should attempt to use one or two clean fingers to push it back inside gently. Prolapse of internal hemorrhoids is usually worsened by excessive straining during defecation.

- Warm and cold treatments can be applied to the swellings to relief pain and other symptoms of hemorrhoids. Warm water can be applied with the use of sitz bath. Sitz bath is done by the patient sitting in plain warm water without soaps or creams for about ten to fifteen minutes at a time. This can be repeated as often as possible throughout the day. Cold treatment in the form of ice packs can be applied to the hemorrhoid swellings to alleviate the symptoms this is applied for about twenty minutes at a time up to two to three times in a day. This is particularly good at temporarily alleviating the pain of hemorrhoids.

- Over the counter drugs like creams and ointments can also be applied locally to reduce the symptoms. These drugs are readily available in most local drug stores. These drugs area best suited for the brief relief of symptoms.

- You can make use of holistic natural treatment which consists of information of simple herbal mixtures and specific lifestyle changes that will treat all aspects of the root causes of hemorrhoids. This kind of treatment is the best kind of home treatment for hemorrhoids which not only alleviates the symptoms, but addresses the root causes of hemorrhoids to give a permanent cure. by Bello gbenga


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