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Battling with acne is bothersome enough. To many, it is a harsh reality to even painfully endure its symptoms. Considerably more with the fact, acne can be very a great problem when left unattended during the first few days of its emergence. Another is the fact that even after healing, acne can leave bothersome scars on the skin.

Many kinds of acne can trigger scars that are very visible on the skin after healing. It can be very seriously set in the skin making it such a great aesthetic nuisance especially when located on the face. That is why people do not only deal with acne; they also fret on how to get rid of acne scars.

When speaking about getting rid of acne one query always pops in mind. Is there really a way on how to get rid of acne scars?

First thing first, let us set the ideas about acne scars right. Understanding the truth behind acne scars can aid you decide on the best suitable remedy for you. It would help you save you both the time and effort. Plus you can be certain if you truly can treat your scars with some acne cures.

Fact #1: “No scar ever fully disappears.”

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, even following treatment, scars are not entirely removed. Therefore, no matter how efficient acne cures claim they are, you should still presume that your scars would not completely vanish.

The cause for scarring is that impairs done on the skin are at a dermal level. This level is the place new cells are born. So when your skin heals, scarring is an after-result of the production of collagen fibers due to repair processes.

Fact #2: “Scarring are caused by only some types of acne.”

Also it is correct that acne can lead to scars but not all types. There are kinds that only render just pseudo scars. Most frequently, these kinds of acne turn up inflamed or red when active. They only result in scar-like tissues that are not too deep for scarring and somehow go away after some time.

Fact #3: “There are genes that are prone to scarring.”

One fact about genes is that it is associated to skin healing. Based on studies, this is common since many types of genes are truly prone to scarring or even keloid development. One of the substantial research evidences on familial heritability is the fact that in specific ethnic population, scarring high likely experienced. Quite simply, scarring can likely happen in some gene types more than the others.

Fact #4: “Scars can be reduced though may not completely disappear.”

Scientific breakthroughs have made the size and color decrease of scars possible especially those that are made due to acne. Acne cures and remedies today can both reduce the color and size of scars. These methods include surgery or natural treatments.

Fact #5: “Scars can be eased either by surgery or natural treatments.”

The American Society for Dermatological Surgery says that chemical peels or chemabrasion, dermabrasion and laser treatment options are a few examples of the efficient treatments for scar removal.

For natural means, here is a list of the common cures used on how to get rid of acne scars:

• Application of topical creams on the skin to stimulate cellular growth or reduce soreness

• Use of massage and pressure bandages to smoothen the development of muscle tissues

• Use of skin products with tea tree oil or other natural substances that heals and smoothens that skin or reduces the scar color . by Aashik


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