Friday, 9 May 2014


Dry skin is a condition that can occur irrespective of the season. The increase in humidity levels outdoors during summer and the increase in humidity levels indoors in winter cause dry skin condition. Dry skin is a condition of the skin that has many victims all over the world.

Some of the symptoms of dry skin include redness and tingling effect of the skin, a tight and rigid feeling when you attempt to bend your fingers or even the slightest of hand movements. In case the condition is severe, then cracking and bleeding might occur too.

The cracking and bleeding of the skin of those who have the dry skin condition, this is the most embarrassing and painful part of having this condition. Although it may seem the end of the world, there are several tips which can prevent or at least end this discomfort of having a dry skin.

Tip # 1

Use a non-detergent based mild soap which has a moisturizer as one of its major ingredients. Or even better use a non-detergent oil based body wash with moisturizer in it as well. This will ensure that the moisture content that the act of cleaning will take out, to be put back by the moisturizer content of either the soap or the body wash.

Tip # 2

Washing your hands again and again throughout the day and taking multiple showers in a day will only aggravate your dry skin condition. While proper hygiene is very important, overdoing it is not also desirable. After washing ensure that you dry your skin thoroughly to prevent it from chapping.

Tip # 3

A dry skin cream in the name of Pacquin Plus is one of the most effective treatment creams for dry skin. It is a thick white cream and is usually sold in 8 oz bottles and provides instant relief for dry skin. This cream can be applied all over the body too.

Tip # 4

Use a quality natural exfoliating agent to aid in the removal of dry and dead skin cells. Removal of the dead skin cells will ensure exposure of the good ones and hence the ability of fighting the harmful effects will be better.

Tip # 5

In case there is no change in your dry skin condition or if the severity of the condition worsens, then consult a qualified dermatologist. The advice of a dermatologist is sometimes required to treat severe cases of dry skin where over the counter products might not be effective. A dermatologist has the ability and education to prescribe customized and appropriate medications to treat a severe dry skin condition, which might be necessary in some cases.


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