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The spiritual practice of Yoga has been around for over five thousand years. However, it was quite recently that mass awareness about yoga and health benefits spread around the globe. This ancient form of physical movement and spiritual practice involves mind and body together. In this article we are going to discuss some of the health benefits that can be achieved with the daily practice of yoga.

What Are The Yoga Health Benefits?

Yoga is quite the rage these days and a lot of people obsessed with fitness usually grab the first available yoga DVD and start practicing yoga. Whatever reason they might have to start yoga, the fact remains that this can bring many health benefits to a serious practitioner. After you have been practicing yoga for a while you will experience increased strength in your muscles along with improved flexibility in your limbs.

Furthermore, yoga can alleviate pain in your back and can help in gaining better physical balance and improved posture. Fitness savvy practitioners can achieve a trimmer body by losing weight with yoga. The spiritual yoga health benefits include a relaxed mind, stress relief, better focus and improved concentration.

Postures For Improved Yoga And Health Benefits

Yoga has hundreds of postures or Asanas for achieving different types of benefits with each one. One set of postures might be useful for developing flexibility, whereas the other may help achieve better muscle strength through holding the poses and using your own body weight, as you must have seen on one yoga DVD or the other. Most of these Asanas are quite instrumental in achieving boosted lymphatic flow, improved blood circulation and relieving digestive complaints.

Certain Asanas strengthen and tone the core muscles of the stomach and back and upper body muscles. Whereas, the standing or inverted Asanas help achieve better body co-ordination and balance.

If you practice yoga in a class, you can benefit from a wide range of poses in a sequence by getting guidance from your instructor.

Yoga and health benefits like flexibility and the muscle strength achieved from it can be much higher if yoga is practiced regularly. The ancient Indian yogis believed that even illnesses can be cured through yoga. The medical benefits of yoga may be a topic of some debate but there is no denying the yoga health benefits.

In a usual class, an assortment of postures is used together in a sequence which will strengthen and stretch every part of the body. If yoga is practiced on a regular basis, strength, flexibility and mental clarity are increased. It is believed in India that yoga will cure certain illnesses, and this concept is now being used in the West in yoga therapy. by


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