Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Various types of eczema affect the skin area on forehead, face (face eczema), eyes (eczema around eyes), cheeks, forearms, scalp, neck, back and legs. They appear in the form of itchy and red skin rashes that harden over time. To cure eczema fast people generally opt for various eczema creams but they are not recommended for long term use. Also many people don't want to use creams and lotions all their lives so they search for options to heal eczema naturally. So here are some newer natural treatments to cure eczema naturally.
1. Medical facts also claim that deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids are one of the biggest eczema causes. So a natural way to increase the content of omega 3 fatty acids is to start the consumption of flax seed oil for an effective treatment of eczema.

2. Chickweed is an annual found in Europe that helps sooth the skin and stop itching. Chickweed can be eaten raw or cooked. When used as a poultice, it is applied directly to the affected skin.

3. More and more we hear that what we eat can have serious effects on how our body fights disease and sickness. Certain foods have high levels of chemicals that can be beneficial or detrimental to people with certain illnesses or conditions and eczema is no different. Eggs, peanuts, milk, soy beans, wheat and seafood have all been shown to be problematic to people with eczema to various degrees. Cutting these out of your diet or minimizing your intake can be beneficial in keeping flare ups under control.

4. Camphor and sandalwood can also be used as beneficial home remedies for eczema. You need to take 1 tablespoon of camphor and make a paste out of it by diluting it with sandalwood. Apply gently to the skin irritation and you will immediately feel the relief.

5. Stress is considered to be a major cause of face eczema. As stress increases oil production, acne and sweating which directly irritate the smooth facial skin cause eczema. Opt for sunbathing as it's an effective way to treat eczema.

6. Aloe vera provides vitamins and minerals while also having a soothing affect on damaged skin. Aloe vera is commonly used topically in gel form but can also be taken in capsules.

7. Eczema can be caused from harsh and cold climates, therefore treating yourself and your skin to a moderate amount of sun exposure will help alleviate the symptoms. This helps to destroy many of the harmful bacteria that can cause flushing and help it to spread. However, avoid overexposure to the sun, because it could lead to skin cancer.


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