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High blood pressure is brought about by a number of factors such as diet, stress, and lack of exercise. The condition is usually dangerous as it exposes you to a wide range of health problems such as stroke, kidney diseases, heart attack, loss of vision, metabolic syndrome, and heart failure.

While there are many medications that can be used to treat the condition herbs have been shown to be the most effective. Here are some of the beneficial herbs:


This is a delicious herb and to use it you only need to add the herb's flesh leaves to your soups, salads, pastas, and casseroles.


This is a seasoning that originates in India. To get the benefits you only need to include cardamom seeds or the powder in soups, stews, spice rubs, and even in baked goods.


Other than flavoring your food, this pungent seasoning also aids in relaxing and dilating the blood vessels thus letting your blood to flow freely in the blood vessels.

Studies have shown that garlic has the ability of reducing the systolic pressure by 30 mmHg and diastolic pressure by 20 mmHg.

To gain the benefits of the herb you can add fresh garlic to your favorite recipes. If you find that the flavor is too much for you, you should consider roasting the herb first. You can also eat the herb while raw-if you can do it.


It has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. Other than reducing the blood pressure, the herb has also been shown to be very effective in preventing clot formation. The herb also increases blood circulation.

Celery seed

If has for long been used to flavor soups, casseroles, stews, and other savory dishes; however, recent studies have shown that the herb is very effective in reducing the blood pressure. While many people tend to use the herb's seeds, you can make juice of the whole plant.

French Lavender

Lavender oil has for long been used as a perfume and as a relaxant; however, studies have shown that the herb can also be used to lower the blood pressure. To get the benefits of the herb you only need to include the herb's leaves in your food.

Cat's claw

This herb acts on calcium channels in the body cells thus reducing the blood pressure. Other than reducing the blood pressure, the herb has also been shown to be effective in treating neurological health problems. You can take the herb's leaves or you can take herb as a supplement. by


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