Tuesday, 8 April 2014


All women dream of having flawless, long, beautiful and shiny hair. Who would not want this important body part to be strong and appealing enough to attract the opposite sex? An array of hair products and different equipments are tried to get the desired look by everyone.

Due to constant blow-drying, straightening, curling etc, a lot of damage is caused to hair, which is why it grows weak, dull and starts to fall. The fact that nature has blessed us with products, which can be consumed to treat hair, should be well known. If you want to have sparkling hair, it is best to seek the below mentioned natural ingredients that will assure beautiful hair.

Vitamins are included in the natural ingredients that guarantee nourished hair. Acting as antioxidants, vitamins help the effective circulation of blood in the scalp due to augmented oxygen uptake. They tend to supply oxygen to the blood and hence, slow cellular aging, providing growth and nourishment.

Working best after a bath, coconut oil can be used for various treatments of hair, and also as a conditioner. Coconut oil has a molecular structure that simply penetrates the hair shaft and works really well with the natural hair protein. Working as an anti-fungal and a great moisturiser, coconut oil can aid in the treatment of flakes that are either caused due to dryness of scalp or fungal yeast conditions.

Almond oil is also a natural blessing that can help in confronting hair problems leaving them healthier, stronger and shinier. Dip your fingertips in almond oil, which is rich in vitamin E and minerals like magnesium and calcium, and apply some on your scalp. A massage using circular movement will leave you amazingly comfortable. It excels in nourishing hair, smoothening hair cuticles, controlling hair fall, and adding shine to hair, making it healthier.

Applying yogurt on your hair and scalp has its own benefits; it gives you your desired beautiful locks. Yogurt, which is rich in minerals and vitamins, specialises in overcoming an itchy scalp and dandruff. It is also known to give soft, smooth-looking hair.

A cost effective treatment of hair is the use of egg, which is rich in proteins that aid in strengthening hair follicles, smoothening hair and preventing hair breakage. A big decrease in the number of split ends will thus be observed with the use of eggs.

If your hair is soft and smooth, you have tangle free and non-knotted hair. Your hair can become thicker and stronger because of raw egg. Eggs also restore shine to dry coarse hair. Use these natural, amazing, and readily available products and see a visible difference in the quality of your hair.


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