Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The frustration and unease a woman faces when she is not getting pregnant can be easily understood by anyone. It is very hard for any woman to go through this situation. They live in depression and many of them do not share their inner feelings with others that make them sad. There are millions of women who face trouble getting pregnant after trying much effort.

1. Overall Health - The overall health and physical condition are very important for a woman who wants to get pregnant. Many women are overweight and they do not eat the right amount of nutrition in their diet that is vital for conception. You need to eat a good healthy diet like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. Keep your weight in ideal proportion and eat healthy, it will help for regular menstrual cycles that are required for ovulation and conception.

2. Ovulation Time – Another thing that creates trouble getting pregnant is having intercourse at the time when you are not ovulating. If you take time to learning about your ovulation cycles, then it will help you decide perfect time for intercourse. You can use an Ovulation Kit or Basal body temperature that will help you determine your ovulation time, so that you can plan intercourse.

3. Stress – A lot of women put stress on their mind and body. They keep worrying about their situation and that result in depression sometime. And, when there is too much stress, it leads to affect many things like the menstrual and ovulation cycles. So, do not worry as that is not a solution. Always think positive and be happy.

4. Addiction – A lot of women drink and smoke. Expecting pregnancy with these things is really like praying for something impossible. Alcohol and tobacco makes the situation worse for a woman who wants to get pregnant. So, stay away from these things if you really want to get pregnancy.

5. PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is an endocrine disorder. Nearly 5% of all women are affected of it. I can affect a woman during their reproductive age of 12-45 years old. It is one of the major infertility causes. So, visit a Doctor and determine if you may have PCOS.

6. Partner – Many women do not know that there may also be something wrong with their male partner. Your partner may be affected with low sperm count that creates problems for you to get pregnant. Ask him to see a Doctor.

7. Caffeine – You may not know that even caffeine is an element that can affect your fertility to some extent. Coffee and chocolate are two common sources of this element. If you cannot leave drinking coffee, then try to reduce the number of cups you drink daily. by Danielle Hill


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