Monday, 14 April 2014


I've decided to debunk a few myths regarding unhealthy foods for you today. With adverts on the television, radio, internet and national newspapers constantly bombarding us with mixed signals about what food is good for us, it's difficult to know exactly what foods we should be eating. One day you can read how certain foods should be an essential part of our everyday diet, and the next you’ll hear how you should avoid them at all costs. So, here’s a helpful list of foods we’re told to avoid, but really should incorporate into our diets!

1. Eggs

Supposedly the cholesterol in eggs is damaging to our blood pressure, and we should steer clear from eating too many in one week. Many people tend to separate the white, fearing the cholesterol in the yolk. Or we’ll even cut out eggs and choose cereal for breakfast instead, in an effort to stay healthier. Yet, it has recently been discovered that the type of cholesterol found in eggs is not bad for our bodies. Eggs are actually packed with nutrients and are better than processed cereals which are packed full of unhealthy sugars. Ignore the haters and indulge in your tasty omelette, its packed with Protein and Iron our bodies need!

2. Red Meat

There are endless rumours that rage through various health and diet websites about red meat causing heart disease, and many of us tend to avoid it because we’re worried about negative health effects. However, scientific studies show there is no direct correlation between red meat and the raising of our cholesterol levels. It's a fantastic source of both Vitamin D and Iron, especially for those who don’t like to consume fish!

3. Chocolate

Our Nation considers munching on a chocolate bar a sin. It’s the devils choice of food, and something that we are told to resist, despite its irresistibility. Yet, thanks to recent studies, it has been proven that the saturated fat within our favourite treat doesn't cause bad cholesterol and can actually improve our blood flow. Its even filled with antioxidants, meaning it's good for your skin! We admit Cadbury’s isn’t healthy for you, calorific and full of sugar, but the dark chocolate (above 70%) contains all the positive qualities mentioned!

4. Potatoes

If ever we begin a diet, the first thing we tend to avoid is the good ol’ carbohydrates, including the beloved potato. We assume the vegetable will widen our hips and enlarge our stomaches. Yet, in reality, potatoes are a fat burning carb, referred to in the nutrionist world as ‘resistant starches’. In moderation, potatoes can cause your body to burn fat, not create more! It’s also filled with a range of important nutrients, including Iron. Have that jacket potato for dinner, it’s no longer on the bad list.

5. Popcorn

Okay, okay, this might be a bit of a trick. Yes, the popcorn you buy at the cinema is very bad for you, filled with the worst kinds of saturated fat and calorific in content. BUT, recent discoveries have found that homemade popcorn is filled with nutrients, low in calories and high in fibre. Refrain from buying the sugar-filled bags the next time you go to see a film and instead sneak in your own healthy option. It’s tasty and not harmful to your body either!

6. Pizza

If we are careful about the pizzas we choose to eat, we can consume this delicious product without feeling the bad effects on our bodies. Choose the option on the menu that is whole wheat with a thin crust, avoid those which are covered in cheese and make sure your toppings include lots of meat (such as chicken) and vegetables - and you’re on your way to eating a healthy meal. If you’re out for dinner with your friends and family, there is a way you can devour a pizza and not have to spend hours in the gym burning off the effects. You could even make your own pizza in your kitchen to ensure its extra healthy!

So there you have it, a few foods you’re told to avoid but can actually consume at your pleasure! Just make sure you indulge in moderation, as nothing in excess is good for you. by Debbie Carpenter


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