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Starvation yields weight loss, but in the worst of ways. Deliberately depriving your system of food is distressing, and affects the normal function of life sustaining organs. There are better ways to lose weight, and here are five that have been demonstrated to work.

Cardiovascular exercises

Simply known as cardio, this kind of exercise is the best for long term weight loss. Simple activities such as swimming, bicycling, jogging have all been proven to encourage breakdown of fat. They are difficult to start, but if sustained, help shed off all the extra body weight. The key is to start slow, and increase intensity as your body adapts.

Intermittent Fasting

Alternating between periods of eating a healthy diet and periods of non-eating has been shown to lose weight. Realize that fasting and starving are dissimilar, in that the former is conscious and done temporarily. During the periods of fasting, the body uses fat reserves in the body to sustain itself, leading to fat loss.


Juice diets are controversial but their effectiveness in weight loss is unquestionable. Since they have a very low calorific value, they force the body to break down fat for glucose. The secret is alternating periods of fasting with periods of eating small balanced meals to avoid stressing the body too much.


The significance of proper diet in weight loss warrants its individual mention. Sometimes, your dietary changes don't have to be so drastic. By giving up all foods with a high glycemic index, your body can shed off a few pounds. Containing your cravings for processed foods is sometimes the only thing you need to do to lose weight. Of course, taking up healthier food choices as a lifestyle is best.

Weight Training

This is ideal for all who want to lose weight faster. Weight or strength training conditions the muscles to be more nutritionally demanding. The result is a system that consumes a lot of calories. Since exercise increases metabolism, your body will have an increased fat metabolism, leading to weight loss. Using green coffee bean max can help amplify this effect.

These five killer methods will help you lose weight, and you never have to starve again. The process of weight loss is slow and trying. But if you build the mental fortresses to help you stick to these ways, you will achieve long term weight loss. Needless to say, your clothes will fit better, your mood will improve, your posture will be better, you will be more energetic all the time, and your sex life will get infinitely better. by


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