Thursday, 17 April 2014


A few decades ago some researchers discovered a few people in "Limone sul Garda" village who were nearly immune to heart diseases regardless of unhealthy cholesterol levels. When researched thoroughly it was found that their immunity became possible due to the slight variation of a protein in their cholesterol. This protein, known as ApoA-1 Milano today, was responsible for their immunity to heart diseases regardless of high cholesterol levels. In other words, it was good cholesterol and those people were born with self-cleaning arteries.

Studies proceeded further for creating a synthetic version of that protein. This became possible in 2003, but due to expensive production process it's still quite hard to produce that protein today!

Luckily, improving your good HDL cholesterol and decreasing the levels of harmful LDL cholesterol isn't too hard. There are several methods for helping you out, and best of all they'll cost you peanuts! So let's take a look on some of those methods: 

Build some muscles: Here's the killer one. However, it's linked to the previous point. Some Ohio University researchers found in a study that men who did lower body workouts like squats, leg extensions and leg presses increased their HDL cholesterol level by 19% within 3 weeks. It's a huge spike, isn't it?

Increase the dose of calcium in your diet: According to a study published by American Journal of Medicine taking 1000-mg of calcium everyday increases HDL cholesterol levels by 7%. However, keep in mind that you should choose a brand that sells calcium citrate pills instead of coral calcium. For maximum absorption you may also want to ensure that 400 units of vitamin D are included in the pills.

So these are the four easy methods that you can use to protect yourself from heart diseases. They're easy, they're highly affordable and they can easily become a part of your life. Integrate them in your life today and increase your immunity to heart diseases. by Ricard D Knowles


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