Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Exercise has endured as the most dependable method of losing weight. Humans are built to be active. Our muscularity is evolved to handle a variety of demands. Our heat management systems are the best in the entire animal kingdom. Modern conveniences have made us less appreciative of these enviable abilities as we drive everywhere we go with our air conditioning on.

Innumerable Benefits

Exercise has more advantages that can be adequately discussed. It holds the key to better posture, better mood, increased libido, better sleep, better posture, increased energy levels and diabetes management. Sure, it doesn't prevent death, but it postpones it.

We live at a time when exercise is an option. Most people avoid it because it is far too hard. It is therefore unsurprising that we are facing a huge global problem of obesity that won't likely de-escalate in the coming years.

3 Best Weight Loss Exercises

Joining a gym when you can hardly walk a mile is akin to jumping into a pool in the deep end- the outcome will always be deeply upsetting. However, if your resolution to become active outweighs your fear of remaining the same, there are a few effective exercises you can start with. They will help you notice weight loss in as little as 10 days.

They include:


Walking is often suggested as a good slimming exercise but jogging is better. Jogging involves more muscles, most notably the heart, and accelerates the rate at which fat is expended. The amount of sweat that drips on your clothes will be a testament to just how dynamic this particular exercise is. Anyone who will attest to having lost many pounds will enthrone jogging as the most important exercise that catalyzed their change.


It lends the same benefits as jogging. The only difference is with bicycling you can cover a much longer distance, and do it for longer. It also offers the freedom of increasing intensity for even greater fat loss.


Unlike the other two, this one engages all the muscles in the body. Swimming a few laps a day will help you notice a noteworthy change in your scale in as little as 10 days.

Adding a fat burning supplement to your exercise plan, such as Chlorogenic acid rich green coffee bean extract will help your results be more dramatic. Try to find the motivation to keep exercising. If 10 days bring a noticeable difference, imagine what ten weeks or months can do. by


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