Wednesday, 30 April 2014


I first heard about the benefits of coconut oil from my Spanish teacher. He was so adamant about its benefits he gave everyone in the class a bottle. I was fairly skeptical but I decided to give it a try after having a cyst surgically removed from my thumb. I applied the oil to the newly stitched-up thumb and could actually feel it healing. I know it sounds crazy, but it felt better immediately. Plus, it stopped the itching from my stitches. I credit that coconut oil with healing my scar so well it's barely noticeable.

Recently some grease popped on my hand causing a mild burn, I reached for the coconut oil and it stopped stinging immediately. It turns out coconut oil has an SPF4 for protection against the sun. It helps your body have an increase tolerance to the sun and avoid burning. This got me to trying other great ways to use coconut oil that are beneficial. Here are 12 ideas for great uses for coconut oil.

1. It's great as a lotion for your skin-a natural moisturizer.

2. If you have a hobby making natural soaps, it would be great to include some coconut oil in your bars. Not only does it make the skin soft but it also acts as a deodorant. It adds a nice fragrance too.

3. It does a good job of removing eye makeup.

4. Add topically to help kill yeast infections.

5. Use it to give your sweetheart a massage. Warm it up a little and massage into neck, shoulders and back.

6. As a sunscreen on your next trip to the beach.

7. Shaving your legs. I have been using coconut oil to shave my legs and find I don't have to do as often.

8. Rub it on your lips because it's a great way to prevent chapping.

9. Put a little in your morning smoothie to help lubricate the joints.

10. It's good for your pets too. Add a tablespoon to their water bowl.

11. I also use it to season my cast iron skillet.

12. It can help you skin heal faster after a cut, burn or stitches from surgery.

One of the major drawbacks to taking coconut oil is the taste. If taking by the spoonful makes you nauseated or you just hate the taste, I recommend putting into a drink like a smoothie. Another option is to use coconut oil when cooking. It adds a delicious coconut flavor to anything you sauté it with. And, you can use it as a healthy substitute for butter.

Coconut oil is usually in a jar or as a solid at room temperature. This is normal so think something is wrong with it. Just melt it the sun or warm water. You could also put a little in a bowl and melt in the microwave. And needless to say, don't refrigerate it.

If you want to improve your energy level, relieve constipation and improve your joint function than I recommend taking a tablespoon of coconut oil each day.

It's also great to apply topically because it is excellent for your skin, hair and as a massage oil. It can even help with weight loss by increasing the body's metabolism. The health benefits are numerous. by Donna Beasley


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