Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Hip flexibility is important. This because among other things, the flexibility aids in eliminating lower back pain and knee pain.

Hip flexibility also aids in making your more confident and supported when sitting, standing, and when going about your daily activities. If you are looking to improve your hip flexibility, here are some poses that you should engage in:

Bound angle pose

You need to sit on the floor or on a mat with your feet apart and the soles of your feet touching each other. If you have problems with your knees resting easily, you should use pillows to block your knees.

If you lower back is compromised, you should sit on a pillow or blanket and raise your hips. You should then lean forward and keep your chest as open as possible. You should hold in this position for 5-10 breaths.

Knee to ankle pose

You should sit on the floor or on a mat then bend your legs at the knee. You should then move your left leg over the right one such that the tops of the left knee are on top of the right ankle and the ankle of the left knee is on top of the right knee.

If your top knee is unable to rest on the bottom ankle, you should place a block or pillow underneath to provide support. If the block makes you uncomfortable, you should sit in an easy pose then lean forward. Just like in the previous pose, you should hold in this position for up to 10 breaths.

Wide angle seated forward bend

To assume the pose you should sit on the floor or on a mat and spread your legs as far as you can, then keeping your chest open and your back straight, you should bend at your hips and lean forward as far as you can. You should hold in this position for 5-10 breathes.

If you experience any pain or discomfort behind your knees, you should place a roll or low pillow under the knees in order to reduce the strain in your joints.

While these poses are very beneficial as they bring about hip flexibility, you should note that you can easily injure yourself. To avoid injuring yourself it's recommended that you join a yoga class where you will do the poses under the supervision of an instructor.

If you are new in yoga, you should avoid practicing the moves in your home. This is because you can easily injure yourself. by 


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