Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Nowadays it often happens that, for work, social or personal reasons, we are forced to consume at least one of the two main meals with a variable frequency, if not daily. A particular frequency of meals at the restaurant makes it particularly difficult to precisely follow any kind of diet. The difficulty is related to the quality and quantity of food.

A lunch at the restaurant, although periodic, must always be a situation to deal and manage with the utmost self-management and control. Otherwise these events are experienced as "exemptions" from the system and then easily become reasons to lose, not only the continuity of the diet, but also reason of lack of confidence in themselves and may lead to an abandonment of the diet itself: "Forget it, I cannot follow the diet .... "

A diet should never create difficulties for a life full of commitments. The patient does not have to adapt to a rigid prescription, but is the diet that must be adapted to the needs of the patient's life.

A lunch at the restaurant then, if due to occasional meetings and social gatherings, must be a meal in which the observation of some dietary principles tends to "reduce damage" so that you cannot alter the diet, and secondly it should not create unnecessary and harmful guilt..

The first rule to follow to be good at the restaurant consists of the acquisition of a good ability to assess the quantity and proportion. This can be done only at home, with a continuous workout.

For an initial period, in fact, you should weigh carefully the amount of food, the quantity of which is indicated on the diet pattern.

For a later period we will, while continuing to weigh the food, to realize the amount "by eye", always checking the correctness of the assessment and comparison of whether what is being prepared is more or less than what had been prepared the day before.

So you must train yourself to always have perfect knowledge of what you are doing, without ever yielding to improper eating habits, for errors of assessment.

When you are in a restaurant, another good rule to follow is to eat those dishes that, by type of preparation and cooking, are closest to the dishes normally eaten at home while following the diet.

If a restaurant meal is a habit unavoidable, try to do it in the same restaurant. Select your restaurant right on the basis of the usual food and the opportunity to order simple dishes and "dietetic food" without too much difficulty. Prefer those places where the simplicity of the kitchen allows you to focus easily on low in fat and raw foods in which there may be possible to ask simple food. by LonelyPen 


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