Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Wrinkles and aging are a concern for everyone. As the aging process takes place, the skin loses its elasticity and thins, which then causes wrinkles to form. Unfortunately, this process is not one that can be put to a complete halt. However, there are options available to help mitigate the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and preserve a youthful and luminous glow.

The most common type of combatant against this process is wrinkle cream, but there is the question of store bought cream versus homemade creams. Below is a simple and quick guide to deciphering the best option for each individual. For those who prefer to start a treatment with a professional, being treated at a certified medical spa will allow you to see the results faster, than those who make homemade anti-wrinkle treatment.


Many will agree that looks are a big deal, but not everyone has the money to see a professional. If cost is one of your main concerns, making a homemade wrinkle treatment is the best option. Creating your own remedy will potentially save you hundreds of dollars in expensive creams, while still providing you with the same or if not better results. In addition, another worthy perk of making your own cream at home is that you will know exactly what product is taking care of your skin because you produced it yourself. You will also be able to tailor the cream to exactly match your skin type with easily attainable ingredients. Common ingredients that are used to make homemade wrinkle creams are vitamin C, aloe, green tea, rose, tea tree oil, hip seed oil, vitamin E, and grape seed extract. While most of these can be found at the drugstore, some of them can only be bought at specialty stores.

Store Bought

The main benefit to a store bought cream is the engineering process. Many high end wrinkle creams on the market are created by professionals who are highly familiar with the types of ingredients necessary to combat wrinkles. Not only that, but many of the anti-wrinkle creams on the market are made with ingredients that are difficult to find at your common drugstore and even specialty store. Products sold on the market are developed through years of thorough testing to determine what works best. In addition, most of these products are approved by health professionals, ensuring that there is a reduced chance that negative side effects will occur. When making a homemade product, it is difficult to be familiar with the effect of each ingredient on the skin, thus increasing the chance of inflammation and other side effects. Store brought products are possibly a safer option for those worried about side effects.


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