Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Living long depends on both your body and mind. The factors below are simple to follow and have long term benefits for your body and mind.

1. Reduce the stress

It is important to ensure that you do away with stress. Have a positive change in attitude in your life in order to get rid of all the anxiety. Stop looking at your life negatively or putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Instead, set realistic goals that you can reach comfortably. Also, participate in activities that will relieve your tension every week.

2. Sleep more
If you are one of those people who spend half of your bed time working or watching television, you are in for a shock. Sleep is a key factor that will help maintain help and make you feel rejuvenated. You should keep an eye on your sleep patterns. If you have insomnia, soothing music can help put you to bed. Another trick is to make sure you tire yourself out during the day.

3. Less exhausting workouts

It is a common belief that going to the gym and participating in heavy workout sessions will keep you young. The truth is these fitness regimes will make you lose weight.

However, as far as increasing your life goes, heavy work outs out may not have as big an effect like light exercises (i.e. yoga courses). Choose moderately engaging activities instead like riding your bike, traveling or swimming. As opposed to the gym, you can go for yoga retreats to keep your body fit and make sure your relaxed as the same time.

4. Eat well

As cliché as this trick may sound, the kind of diet your body is accustomed to will eventually translate on how fit it is. Make sure you eat well. Also, your body is like a car. It needs to be serviced regularly. Do not miss out on your doctor's appointments and medical checkups.

5. Worry

Worry is good. The pressure created from worrying is beneficial to you. According to a research carried out by Friedman and Martin, if you are too optimistic, your body will be unable to handle trauma when it occurs. You need to allow your mind to get worried sometimes. Worry can also result to healthy lifestyle choices like saving money because you're afraid of being broke. by Bernice Ortiz


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