Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Anyone that strives to keep their appearances up does not intentionally go about trying to damage their hair. Yet inadvertently many of us do cause needless harm to it. This is usually the basis of mishandling it or using the wrong products. The following is a list of the common things we do to our hair and the outcome as well as what we can do about it.

Using the wrong products is by far one of the most common hair care mistakes that we make. Sometimes we will spend a small fortune on our hair care products yet they don t work for us. The possibility is it s not compatible with your hair type. At the other end of the spectrum, we may shop for hair bargains such as cheap products. The cliché that you only get what you pay for certainly fits in this scenario. Cheap hair care products most often do not have enough the ingredients that the hair needs or they contain too much alcohol as fillers. This in itself pays havoc on the hair. Ideally, you should purchase superior hair care products from a reputable company. Reputable and established companies such as this provide products that are superior in ingredients and consistent in quality.

Misuse of hair care products is something that can be easily done. A good shampoo does not require a large amount to be used at any given time. Yet we tend to believe the more suds we see then the cleaner the hair will become. This is a fallacy. Only use enough of your shampoo to produce lather and that s more than sufficient. You can damage your hair with over kindness and over using your hair products is one way of doing it. If there is any part of your body that deserves and demands tender loving care then the hair is it. It is probably equal to the skin. In fact in most cases has more exposure to the elements than your skin. The best thing you can do here is afford protections. Hats are the number one priority.

Summer hats for heat protection and warm winter hats during the winter. These both go a long way in hair element protection. Then let s talk about the overall handling of our hair. So often we are on the run to the office or to a dinner date that we have to super rush in styling our hair.

This means rough towel drying, then high heat blow dryers, followed by intense heat curling irons. A thorough soaking with hair spray and you re done. So is your hair. It s just been through a war and enough times of this, you are most certainly going to see the bad results. by Inhairit


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