Saturday, 15 March 2014


Though eczema is not a life threatening disease, it can be very uncomfortable and irritating. It is the inflammation of the outer skin which causes horrible itching and burning to the point you may think that your skin is going to tear off. If you are someone searching for home remedies for eczema, then there is some great news waiting for you in this article. There are some simple home remedies which can help you get rid of this problem permanently.

1. Oatmeal calms and soothes your skin. Oatmeal baths when taken regularly help to reduce itching and pain. Natural oatmeal bath products are available in most departmental stores. Two or three cups in a bathtub are okay. You also can make oatmeal paste by simply mixing a little oatmeal and water together in a small bowl until a paste forms. Oatmeal paste can also be applied directly to impacted areas of your skin.

2. Eczema has harmful bacteria that prolong itching, and thus the eczema condition. While you should avoid exposure during peak sun hours, half an hour in the sun will kill bacteria. Sunscreen should be worn during these times.

3. Since eczema can produce raw skin, topical ointments are sometimes not preferred, as they can burn very badly. Instead, you can take herbs such as oregano grape root and grape-seed extract orally. These herbal anti-inflammatory properties will detoxify your body, as well as control your eczema.

4. You will need to protect yourself from those things that trigger the skin irritation and avoid them. For example, there could be certain scents or soaps that could be the triggers in your case.

5. Another home remedy for eczema is to use of wet wraps. This is usually done after a shower or bath and at night. Soak some bandages in warm water. Rub moisturizer on the body after bathing then wrap those wet bandages around the affected areas on your skin.

6. Making a paste of equal parts turmeric powder and neem leaves (bitter) is a popular remedy. This mixture will improve your condition and alleviate itching. Adding jojoba oil will also cut down on itching as well.

7. Natural vitamin E oil and virgin coconut oil are the other effective home remedies for eczema. These oils penetrate deep inside the skin's layer and nourish it, reducing inflammation. They also act as natural moisturizers, which help in keeping your skin smooth and supple.


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